Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Question for the Florida GOP Voters

At this point everyone thinks Katherine Harris is a lost cause. Her latest polls numbers are above 0%, but only slightly. And she is clearly off her rocker -- she goes through campaign staff like socks, she lies about investing her own money in her campaign and makes crazy statement offending Jewish voters.

My question is why not vote another candidate? There are three other candidates running, Will McBride, an Orlando-area attorney, retired Navy admiral LeRoy Collins Jr. and Safety Harbor developer Peter Monroe. None of them would be better?

Look, none of those three are likely to beat Sen. Nelson, but Harris isn't either. And she is an embarrassment.

The primary is next Tuesday and it is too late for the establishment to rally behind someone else, but let me urge all Florida GOP voters to vote for someone else. And this is against my partisan interests, because I think that any of those three nobodies would have a better shot than Harris, but voters in Florida shouldn't vote for her just because she is the only name they recognize.

Not long ago, the voters of Georgia (both Dem and Repub) reaffirmed my faith in the wisdom of the electorate by turning away Rep. McKinney and Ralph Reed. Here is hoping that their neighbors to the south are as smart.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On the Mark

This Rich Lowry column pretty much nails what has been bedeviling the president for the past year -- Katrina hangover.

People don't expect the government to stop disasters (natural or otherwise) but they do expect them to respond appropriately. The Bush administration has done virtually nothing about fixing the problems that exist in New Orleans. And even if it is not always at the top of their minds, the voters subconsciously realize that this administration is not strong at making sure that government works for all the people, and that is troubling because the government needs to protect the weak and the strong.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Freaking Out At The RNC

This poll from WSJ/Zogby has gotta be causing major headaches (and worse) for Republican leaders.

First the caveats -- it's an online poll; it is late August; and the numbers are out of line (but not completely) with most publicly released polls.

But a Democratic lead in Virginia Senate race? Republican leads in Nevada and Arizona Senate races that are right at the margin of error? Pretty solid Democratic Senate leads in Washington, Michigan, Maryland and Pennsylvania? Bad news too for the GOP in the Governors races in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan and Maryland.

I don't really believe these numbers, but I do think that the GOP has its work cut out for them over the next two months. Expect things to get nasty and soon.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Karl to the Rescue

According to this USA Today story, many in the GOP are looking to Rove to figure a way out of the current bleak electoral outlook.

With the possibility of an indictment no longer on the horizon, and confidence in Bush falling even among the GOP, Rove is the one guy who inspires hope among the faithful. And since he has a track record to back it up, there is some justification to that hope. But it seems that right now the best Rove can hope for is to hold the losses to a minimum so that the Republicans can retain control of Congress.

Rove's grand vision of a permanent Republican majority is probably on hold for now. Instead expect a steady drumbeat about how Democrats will make Americans less safe. It is an old tune, but one he has played successfully before. The only question is have the voters changed the dial?

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm back

Anything happen while I was gone? Other than terror, Lieberman and the Red Sox causing heart attacks throughout New England, I don't think I missed a thing.

Oh yeah, Junior's back around 1/3 approval and the GOP is beginning to have a full fledged panic. But more about all of those later.

How has your summer been?