Thursday, September 07, 2006

It Strikes Me As Odd

One of the better Democratic arguments about the Bush Administration's handling of the "War on Terror"(or whatever we are calling it now) was that too much of their maneuvering has been done for domestic political purposes. And I think that the argument has been gaining some traction in the press and among the public.

On the heels of this growing feeling, we have what is being called "brilliant politics" and a move that places the Democrats in a box, with the President's "Rovian" announcement that he will be transferring some Al-Queda prisoners to Guantanamo and insisting that Congress approve his tribunal plan. (In other words, "Please don't pay attention to Iraq, instead look at how soft the Democrats are on terrorists.")

My guess is that the public will end up seeing that for what it is -- a diversion for domestic political purposes. Besides the substance of this is too convoluted for most of the public to get into too much of a frenzy over. I think it will take more than this tactic to convince the public to overlook our misadventures in Iraq. However, if this is enough, then the Democrats never had a chance in November anyway.