Thursday, September 07, 2006

They Didn't Listen

Apparently I have no pull with the GOP voters in Florida, who voted for Katherine Harris as their Senate nominee, despite my pleas to follow the lead of their brethren to the North.

I still prefer that voters choose non-insane candidates, but my anguish is lessened after reading this Jon Chait column, in which he says that the Harris nomination is only proper in a "chickens come home to roost" sorta way. Oh yeah, he also points out that Harris' insanity should properly cause some soul searching among those who held her up as a paragon of virtue during the 2000 Florida fiasco. (I am not, however, holding my breath on this point.)

So maybe another two month of Harris' babbling is worth cosmic justice. Indeed, if the GOP loses the Senate by 1 Senator, Jebby might be in for some questioning about his inability to shoo the crazy woman off the stage. Of course, quid pro quo can be a bitch.