Tuesday, November 07, 2006

10:00 PM (ID, IA, MT, NV, ND, OR, UT)

ID-Gov: Otter (R) v. Brady (D) -- Another seat that the GOP woould never have to worry about in an normal year, but this year voter anger in the Mountain West is at an all-time high, so seats like this end up in play. Playing the hunch on this one. Prediction: Otter - GOP hold

ID-1: Sali (R) v. Grant (D) -- everything above holds true for the Congressional seat as well, except that the GOP may have nominated someone that is even too conservative for Idaho. Prediction: Grant -- Dem Pick up.

IA-Gov: Nussel(R) v. Culver(D) -- Democrats will have a good night in Iowa. Prediction: Culver - Dem hold.

IA-1: Whalen (R) v. Braley (D) -- See above. Prediction: Braley -- Dem pick up.

MT-Sen: Burns (R)* v. Tester (D) -- Burns has been making up ground and is going to make this race a lot closer than we would have thought a fortnight ago. But in a state where Jack Abramoff has 85% name recognition, I can't see Burns winning. Prediction: Tester - Dem Pick up.

NV-Gov: Gibbons (R) v. Titus (D) -- Gibbons has had a scandal a week in October. Maids, assualt, corruption. This is New Jersey West. Even though Titus is too liberal for the state, I think the scandals will drag Gibbons into a nailbiter. Prediction: Gibbons -- Rep. hold.

NV-2: Heller (R)* v. Derby (D) -- Heller is overing under 50%, always a worrying sign. This will be closer than thought. Prediction: Heller - GOP hold.

NV-3: Porter (R) v. Haffen (D) -- Porter seem to be hovering at 50% Probably enough to limp across. Prediction: Porter - GOP hold.

OR-Gov: Kulangoski (D)* v. Saxton (R) -- This summer this race looked like an upset in the making. Doesn't look like that will happen. Prediction: Kulandoski - Dem hold.