Tuesday, November 07, 2006

11:00 PM (CA, HI, WA)

CA-Gov: Schwarzenager (R)* v. Angelides (D) -- Arnnuld, Arnnuld, Arnnuld. Lools like the Governator will return. Of course, he had to run as a virtual Democrat to do so. Prediction: Schwarzenager - GOP hold.

CA-4: Doolittle (R)* v. Brown (D) -- Amazingly there are only three races that are even close in the country's biggest state and all three are because of corruption issues. Here Doolittle will survive, unless the wave that starts in the East doesn't crest in the Rockies. Prediction: Doolittle - GOP hold.

CA-11: Pombo (R)* v. McNerney (D) -- Pombo keeps getting under 50%. An incumbent under 50% in this atmosphere could be in real trouble, even if the Blue Wave doesn't make it all the way out West. Prediction: McNerney -- Dem Pick up.

CA-50: Bilbray (R)* v. Busby (D) -- this is a rematch of this summer's special election to fill Duke Cunningham's seat. The results will be the same. Prediction: Bilbray - GOP hold.

WA-8: Burner (D) v. Reichert (R)* -- This has been one of the closer races all year. This is the "Microsoft District" and Burner is a former Microsoft employee. My guess is that we won't know the winner until well into Wednesday. Hopefully we will have a clear winner in the House by then. Prediction: Reichert - GOP hold.