Tuesday, November 07, 2006

7:00 PM (GA, NH, SC, VT, VA)

Four House seats at play, including the rare Democratic seats.

GA-8: Marshall (D)* v. Collins (R) -- Collins gave up hios House seat to run for Senate in 2002. Mid-decade redistricting also makes this a more GOP friendly district. Prediction: Marshall - Dem hold.

GA-12: Barrows (D)* v. Burns (R) -- The best pick up possibility for the GOP in the country this year. Thing is, I just don't think that any Democratic incumbents will lose this year. Prediction: Barrows - Dem hold.

NH-1: Bradley (R)* v. Shea-Porter (D)-- This seat came into possible play only recently, but Shea-Porter is pretty much an anti-war candidate and NH is still a pretty conservative state. Another seat that could signal a huge Dem night. Prediction: Bradley - GOP hold.

NH-2: Bass (R)* v. Hodes (D) -- This is an example of an incumbent who didn't take the risk of losing seriously enough. Recent polling has Hodes up beyond the margin of error. NH may be conservative, but it isn't as conservative as the national GOP. Prediction: Hodes - Dem Pick up.

VA-Sen: Allen (R)* v. Webb (D) -- No one has run a worse campaign that George Allen this year. I have predicted it before, but when you add everyting up it looks like an Allen loss. And make no mistakes, that is exactly what it would be. Prediction: Webb - Dem Pick up.

VA-2: Drake (R)* v. Kellam (D) -- A heavily military district. I will be watching this as possibly a sign about they really feel about the war. Prediction: Drake - GOP hold.

VA-10: Wolff (R)* v. Feder (D) -- Shouldn't even be a concern, but there are lots of districts like that this year. Prediction: Wolff - GOP hold.