Tuesday, November 07, 2006

7:30 PM (NC, OH, WV)

Normally this would be a taste until the 8:00 returns, but this year Ohio should be a bloodbath for Republicans. It is possible that the GOP may have lost the house by the time the 8 o'clock returns start trickling in.

NC-8: Hayes (R)* v. Kissel (D) -- There has been some polling that shows Hayes in trouble, but will hold on. Prediction: Hayes - GOP hold

NC-12: Taylor (R)* v. Shuler (D) -- Taylor has had a lot of problems, including a phantom vote regarding a trade agreement that the House leadership wanted, but which is clearly against the interests of the district. Heath Shuler looks to return to Washington, after having failed to make it as the Redskin's quarterback. He has run as an pro-life, pro-gun Democrat. He'll get a chance to get heckled by Skins fans again. Prediction: Shuler - Dem Pick up.

OH-Gov: Strickland (D) v. Blackwell (R) -- There probably isn't a Republican alive that could have won this seat in the current atmosphere. After being a solid blues state for decades, in-state corruption and the increasingly social conservative bent of the national GOP, have made the state hostile to all Republicans. That said, Blackwell's conservative campaign and downright nastiness should make this a blow out. Prediction: Strickland - Dem Pick up.

OH-Sen: DeWine (R)* v. Brown (D) -- The bad atmosphere in Ohio, plus DeWine's low key manner have doomed him. Plus conservatives in the state aren't particularly fon of him. Prediction: Brown - Dem Pick up.

OH-1: Chabot (R)* v. Cranley (D) -- This race has been breaking toward Cranley of late. Prediction: Cranley - Dem Pick up.

OH-2: Schmidt (R)* v. Wulsin (D) -- Schmidt won a crowded special election, but is a weak candidiate. But this is a very strong GOP district and that should carry her over. Prediction: Schmidt - GOP hold.

OH-12: Tiberi (R)* v. Shamansky (D) -- Another district to watch to see if the GOP is going to lose 40 or more seats. Prediction: Tiberi - GOP hold.

OH-15: Pryce (R)* v. Kilroy (D) -- Add the Ohio problem with Pryce's role in the Foley scandal and add a dash of a bad campaigner, you get a Pryce loss. Prediction: Kilroy - Dem Pick up.

OH-18: Padgett (R) v. Space (D) -- This is Bob Ney's old seat. And in case you didn't hear, Ney jst resigned his seat, about two months after he pled guilty to corruption charges. Prediction: Space - Dem Pick up.