Tuesday, March 06, 2007

DC Juries

Apparently Frum believes that it is impossible for nonpartisan trials to be held. He states

Now we remember why Democrats are so much more eager than Republicans to criminalize politics: Because they know that the ultimate power over the lives and liberties of the contestants is held by juries drawn from the most Democratic jurisdiction in the country. Would Scooter have been convicted - would a prosecutor ever have dared to try him - if the capital of the United States were located in say Indianapolis?
I believe that this is a dangerous path to tread down, at its essence it is an indictment of the jury system of which there is no parallel in the world.

Does Frum believe that it was impossible for a Republican to get a fair trial in DC? If so, wouldn't the inverse be true also, Democrats can run hog wild? How would he then explain the Henry Cisneros case, where the former HUD Secretary was convicted of lying to FBI agents and obstructing an investigation. Somehow a DC jury was able to be fair in that circumstance.

But more importantly, it simply is an attempt to evade the question of Libby's guilt. Libby's wasn't found guilty because he was a Republican, he was found guilty because the evidence was pretty conclusive that he lied to the grand jury.

Maybe even an Indianapolis jury would have seen that.