Monday, April 30, 2007

A Must Read From William F. Buckley

Bill Buckley has already given up on the hope that the US can prevail in Iraq.

But today he openly wonders in the party that he, as much as anyone else in the past 40 years, helped to mold and shape can survive this debacle.

The parallel even comes to mind of the eventual collapse of Prohibition, because there wasn’t any way the government could neutralize the appetite for alcohol, or the resourcefulness of the freeman in acquiring it.

General Petraeus is a wonderfully commanding figure. But if the enemy is in the nature of a disease, he cannot win against it. Students of politics ask then the derivative question: How can the Republican party, headed by a president determined on a war he can’t see an end to, attract the support of a majority of the voters?
Read the whole thing here.

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