Friday, August 22, 2008


All signs have been pointing to a Biden pick over the past week, but the roll out has been masterful. All the junkie (your humble writer included) have been glued to the phones/email for the past 36 hours, drumming up the dramatics.

Biden is a solid pick. He isn't boring, he's pretty well vetted, and the national press corp likes him. Plus, he has real substance and I'm pretty sure he has only one home and can remember that.

We should know for sure by noon tomorrow, unless Team Obama has planned for more suspense, but that would just be cruel at this point.

Personally, I would have liked a Breseden (Tenn.) or Schweitzer (Mont.) pick, but that would have been awfully thin on experience (if that is a bad thing.)

Anyway the official prediction here is Biden.

(And by the way, the reeeeediculous stories about Hillary not being vetted? Please! There has never been a more vetted candidate in history. Obama's team didn't need to spend any time on that, her pluses and minuses are well known to all.)