Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It is amusing . . .

to watch and read all the conservatives who think Hillary would be such a great candidate and that Democrats are/should be suffering buyers remorse.

In an alternate universe, where Hillary was the nominee, can you imagine what those exact same people would be saying? Just go back and read what they said about her in 1992, or when she ran for Senator in 2000.

Also, shouldn't FOX (and the New York Times, for that matter) give some sort of disclaimer every time Bill Kristol speaks/writes. I think there are times that even he can't keep a straight face as he gives his "advice" to the Democrats, I know I can't.

As for Hillary, she gave a good speech, and stated the obvious to these crazy Hillary only supporters (which may be mostly a media creation) -- is this a cult of personality, or did you actually listen to what I was saying.