Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Speech (Tonight's version)

I thought the delivery was very flat and disjointed, and the background and the set did not help him either -- it was truly awful. (Also that intro video was bad too.)

As for the speech itself, very little in the way of specifics and too much "I know times are hard, and I care." Also seemed very cliched to me, and frankly sorta boring. Couldn't President Bush have given almost 95% of this speech?

It also seemed very disjointed, as though the cutting and pasting didn't exactly end up in the right places. He went from bio to policy to bio. It didn't flow, and kept the crowd from getting into it. Also didn't lay a glove on Obama.

The crowd is also pretty flat. I doesn't compare with a week ago, or even last night, when there was true passion in the crowds. (For many GOPers, I think they would have preferred if the convention had ended last night.)

All in all, not a particularly good speech. A gentleman's C+.