Tuesday, October 07, 2008

2nd Debate - Staus Quo

It was very unwieldy, and I thought poorly organized. Was it the Tom Brokaw debate or a town hall setting? I don't really know, although I guess that the campaigns fought so much about format that it ended up as something that neither would like. (Of course, both campaigns probably figured that they would be ahead and didn't want to take any risks.) Either way, Obama emerges unscathed. Neither candidate came away with a big plus or minus soundbite, which I think was the big concern when these rules were negotiated.

The big item out of this debate might be the mortgage buy-out that McCain proposed. It was strangely presented, and he didn't say how he would be paying for this, and I think that most people just found it weird. Plus how much will this cost? It sounds like it might be 300+ Billion, which can't be made up through the earmarks that John McCain rails against. (On the other hand, if this program will buy my house in CT for 2005 prices, I'll be happy to vote for John McCain, or he could just send me a check for $90,000.)

I know the conservatives will be disappointed that the entire debate wasn't about Bill Ayers, but my guess is that the Obama camp had a pretty good, maybe even devastating rejoinder if it was necessary. But despite the growing GOP desires, economy trumps some 1960's radical that most of us never heard of. I think that the McCain campaign realizes this, but also realizes that this is the last line of motivation for the base, and they can't give up on it. (Expect Gov. Sarah to talk about it every day for the next 27 days.)

In the end, the result was that Obama looked Presidential and McCain looked like, well, he looked like John McCain. Advantage Obama, and I'd be surprised if the polls don't slide even further his way by this weekend.