Thursday, October 02, 2008

Now they can exhale

The McCain campaign and many conservatives found out that it is actually possible to hold your breath for 90 minutes tonight. And when they actually drew breath again they were elated. Sarah Palin did not fall on her face or burst out in tears . . . therefore she won!

However, conservatives have been so down over the past few weeks, and Palin's performance has been so bad during that time, her performance tonight will be something to get them reved up again.

In the end, as is usually the case, the winner was determined by your view point coming into the debate. For some, Sarah Palin's down-home, regular talk is just what is needed for the country. For others, her non-answers and cutsey folkisms were like 90 minutes of fingernails on the chalkboard.

From my view point, Biden was a clear winner on points (and fwiw, the dials on CNN certainly seemed to reflect that as well). Does that matter? I don't know. If the public feels that substance was more important than style, Biden will be seen as the clear winner. If style points are factored in, I think it is a tie.