Wednesday, October 08, 2008


As far as the conservative reaction goes, it has been noticeable. The Corner has gone nearly silent, as opposed to the almost orgasmic response following the Palin debate. (Maybe McCain should have winked -- okay, maybe not.) And even worse, on the Weekly Standard Blog, (Stephen Hayes -- Dick Cheney's hand picked biographer) gives the debate to Obama. Even Bill Kristol couldn't muster much enthusiasm for John McCain's performance.

And of course, on FOX, Greta Van Sustren had only 10 minutes on the debate, and then immediately began reporting on Gov. Sarah's comments about Bill Ayers. I also didn't hear the Frank Luntz focus group, but I may have just missed it.

Expect the right wingers to bang on Ayers, and one would assume beginning next week, on Jeremiah Wright. Apparently since they have decided that they can't win on the actual issues, the GOP and their faithful have decided to try and tear down Obama. Frankly, this is a political tactic (or a strategy, I'll call John McCain to figure out which is which) that, if it was going to be used, should have been done in the summer (ala John Kerry and the Swiftboaters.) Doing so a month out of the election just seems desperate, and voters don't like desperate candidates. And frankly the GOP may have to worry about the brand here, if the next month is all about trying to tear down Obama, the GOPers down the ticket may suffer.

And for the record, the best strategy (or tactic) the McCain campaign has used is Obama's inexperience. Unfortunately, the Gov. Sarah pick negates this, and even worse, makes McCain look like a hypocrite. I don't think that McCain would be ahead right now if he had picked Mitt Romney, but I guess he wouldn't be so far behind, and at least a Obama gaffe away from the Presidency.