Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Nine Years later

I have grown tired of this idea that only Islam could have spawned the terror that occurred on September 11th. There was the attempted eradication of an entire race/culture 60 years prior that showed that Christians could be even more horrific, and there were suicide bombers that attacked Americans soldiers in the Pacific that occurred at the same time.

Let’s not make this about religions, but combating the extremists in any culture or religion.

I could talk about my own events of that day, but they seem less important against the anti-Islam wave that seems to have finally arrived. (And to his credit, rarely given here, George W. Bush was the primary reason that the anti-Islam wave took so long to hit the American shore.)

**This is the first year that I had to explain September 11th to my 10 year old. He actually asked me if he ever saw the Twin Towers (he did).**